Our mission is to help forward-thinking businesses grow beyond their physical location.

About Logistify AI

What is Logistify AI?

Logistify AI is a technology company providing on-demand warehousing and fulfillment to businesses of all sizes in emerging markets. Our mission is to help forward-thinking businesses grow beyond their physical location. We do this by providing flexible warehousing, and fast & affordable delivery of their inventory to their customers. We're building the first Operating System for Amazon-like warehousing & fulfillment in emerging markets.

Our main headquarters are in Kampala (Uganda) with regional offices in Nairobi (Kenya) and Tallinn (Estonia).

A pioneer in on-demand warehousing & fulfillment

Logistify AI is the first company to bring on-demand warehousing & fulfillment into the emerging markets of Africa.

Fast and affordable fulfillment is made possible by using our vast network of on-demand warehouses to store your inventory near your customers. As soon as you receive an order, we use our cloud-based Fulfillment software to pick, pack & deliver.

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Our Vision

We're building the first Operating System for Amazon-like warehousing & fulfillment in emerging markets.

Our Core Values


Customer Obsession

We're customer obsessed. We're in this together because we understand your pain. The founders originally conceived this idea to help their parents earn from their vacant family warehouse. They were our 1st customer. We're here to guide you throughout your customer experience!


Trust & Safety

The safety of your shipments and warehouses is our priority. We've strived to create a foundation of trust grounded in consistent expectations of shippers and Warehouse partners. For your safety, always pay through Logistify AI and never wire money or pay someone directly.



We understand the importance of transparency to our community. That's why we display all the charges that make up your total pricing -- including maintenance fees, utilities & service fees. Shippers understand where all their charges are coming from. There are no hidden fees.

Our Story

From 2000 - 2019

Daniel Emaasit, Tobias Tukei & their siblings grow up helping their parents manage the family warehouse & farm in rural Uganda. For many years their parents struggle to maintain constant income from the warehouse. Demand for storage is seasonal & the warehouse is under utilized. Daniel & Tobias go off to college determined to find a solution to help their parents. Tobias becomes a professional logistics & supply chain manager in Uganda while Daniel becomes a Data Scientist in Washington DC.

Late June

During his PhD in the USA, Daniel stumbles upon an article envisioning the future of logistics & supply chain management. One of the topics is on-demand warehousing. Daniel shares the article with Tobias to get his professional opinion. Tobias is amazed at the potential of on-demaning warehousing to solve the warehousing crisis for their family & many other people. The idea for a trusted marketplace of warehouses is born. They call it Logistify AI.

Early July

Daniel registers Logistify AI in Estonia using the e-residency program. They enroll into Y Combinator Startup School. Daniel starts writing code for the platform. Daniel emails Stripe CEO begging to be included in Stripe Estonia Limited Pilot. He accepts (Thanks Patrick!). The MVP is quitely launched. Daniel & Tobias begin conducting user interviews & manually recruit a few high expectation customers (HXC). They work towards Product/Market fit. Their first customer is their parent's warehouse.

Time Line ─▶


The rise of on-demand warehousing in the current shared economy has the potential to address the current inventory-storage crisis for forward-thinking businesses.

Tobias Tukei — Founder & COO

We use principled artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately predict inventory demand given sparse & scarce data. This allows us to send the right amount of inventory for storage in the demand locations near your customers, for fast & affordable delivery.

Daniel Emaasit — Founder & CEO


Where are we?


Countries - Uganda & Kenya


Cities including Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa, Jinja, Mbale, Lira & more


Offices - headquarters in Kampala & regional offices in Nairobi & Tallinn.

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