Fast & Affordable Amazon-like Fulfillment

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Fast & Affordable Delivery

Logistify Fulfillment is the fastest & cheapest way to get your orders picked, packed & shipped to your retail shops, depots/hubs/outlets or customers.

Your customers expect fast & affordable delivery. Our vast network of on-demand warehouses enables us to store your inventory near your retail shops, depots/hubs/outlets or customers — thereby reducing the shipping distance, time & cost.

Retail & E-Commerce Fulfillment

Retail Fulfillment: Do you have retail shops or depots/hubs/outlets? Logistify Fulfillment enables you to replenish inventory across your entire network of retail shops or depots/hubs/outlets.

E-commerce Fulfillment: Do you have an e-commerce shop? Logistify Fulfillment connects with your online shop, so when your customer places an order, we pick, pack, & ship.

Get Fulfillment in 3 easy steps


Connect your shop

Connect your online shop and/or import your products into Logistify Fullfilment. Then we recommend the best warehouses to send your inventory & we ship it there.


Store in our warehouses

We store your inventory in different warehouses that are closest to your retail shops or depots/hubs/outlets or customers. We have a vast network of on-demand warehouses.


Ship to your customers

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest warehouse. Your customers are delighted to receive their orders on time.

Affordable & Clear Pricing


You get affordable pricing because we store your inventory very close to your customers thereby reducing the shipping distance.


We have condensed all of your fulfillment costs (e.g., pick, pack & ship, etc.) into just one fee: Fulfillment fee.


With pay-as-you-go fulfillment, you pay only for what you ship. No surprise bills. No Receiving Fees. No Minimums.

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About Logistify AI

What is Logistify AI?

Logistify AI is a technology company providing on-demand warehousing and fulfillment to businesses of all sizes in emerging markets. Our mission is to help forward-thinking businesses grow beyond their physical location. We do this by providing flexible warehousing, and fast & affordable delivery of their inventory to their customers. We're building the first Operating System for Amazon-like warehousing & fulfillment in emerging markets.

Our main headquarters are in Kampala (Uganda) with regional offices in Nairobi (Kenya) and Tallinn (Estonia).

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A pioneer in on-demand warehousing & fulfillment

Logistify AI is the first company to bring on-demand warehousing & fulfillment into the emerging markets of Africa.

Fast and affordable fulfillment is made possible by using our vast network of on-demand warehouses to store your inventory near your customers. As soon as you receive an order, we use our cloud-based Fulfillment software to pick, pack & deliver.

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