Our mission is to accelerate Africa's progress towards food security.

Logistify AI is a technology company building the infrastructure for last-mile distribution of food & beverages in Africa to reduce delivery costs & food waste.


46% of the African population lack regular access to adequate food.

Food & World Organization (FAO) defines Food Security as: 'When all people have physical, social & economic access to sufficient, safe, & nutritious food that meets dietary needs & food preference for an active & healthy life at all times.'

Unfortunately, 46% of the African population live below the poverty line & lack regular access to adequate food.

A 2016 study by global consultancy PwC states that an estimated 90% of sales in Africa’s major economies come through informal channels like markets & kiosks. Half a billion people in Africa eat at largely informal, small & medium sized restaurants every day. However, the poor physical infrastructure, costly last-mile distribution & presence of mutliple middlemen in the food supply chain has increased food prices for local retailers & restaurant owners. This has put food out-of-reach for the more than 46% of Africans living below the poverty line.

The New Last-mile Infrastructure.

One organization alone cannot achieve food security in Africa. But rather, many organizations collaboratively can achieve this. So Logistify AI is building the infrastructure for many organizations & independent-small businesses to tap into inorder to lower their distribution costs & amount of food waste. This new infrastrucutre begins with a network of last-mile hubs and a layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A Network of Last-mile Hubs (Data Centers)

A Network of Last-mile Hubs (Data Centers)

We’ve built a network of fully-managed, on-demand, last-mile fulfillment Hubs located inside high demand neighorhoods. These Hubs reduce delivery distance & cost. We’ve transformed our last-mile Hubs into Data Centers to gather data about sources of (1) high-distribution costs & (2) food waste for our food suppliers.

A Layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We've built an AI Layer ontop on our last-mile hubs (Data Centers) to analyze this data & provide real-time actionable insights to help reduce distribution costs & food waste. This Layer is open to the world through an Application Programming Interface (API) & Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform.

Today, food suppliers of all sizes—from small businesses to VC backed startups—use the Logistify Platform to distribute more than $2 Million of food & beverages to 10,000+ local shops & restaurants every month.


Authors of open-source AI software, PyMC-learn

How We Work!

You'll be assigned a dedicated data science team who will setup your account, upload all your SKUs and help you make sense of the analytics in your dashboard: real-time tracking, exception alerts, inventory insights. So every conversation is in context. And every interaction is more productive.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Optimized distribution
  • Returns analytics
Last-mile & Food Data Analytics

The Data Team

For everything from SKU performance, returns visibility, and forecasting data to food-expiry times, the Data Team provides you with reliable data to identify the trends driving your food-supply business, sources of high distribution costs & food waste.

Meet our Data Analyts

Our Customer Service Model

Customer Success Team

Our high-touch engagement model, delivered and managed by a dedicated team of customer-success experts, offers true reliability and a radically better customer experience.

In addition to on-demand insights through the platform, your Customer Success Team tracks your food-supply distribution over time, & offers insights and recommendations for optimizing the metrics that matter most.

  • High-touch Engagement
  • Daily Finance Reconciliation
  • Quaterly Business Reviews
We're an Extension of Your Logistics Team

The Operations Team

We're a driven, accountable partner committed to growing your food-supply business. From daily support to monthly and quarterly business reviews, we’re here to empower you with inventory visibility, transparency, efficiency, & agility to grow your bottom line.

Meet our Operations Team